I'm so scared..
I failed completely my second semester in university. I was totally burned out and tired and i was crying every night.
And now I have this reexam for this one exam that is reaally important or I cant pick my next classes at all..
I'm so scared.. I can't do this.

It is so much.. and I get so frustraded when I don't understand something.. and people keep telling me that I will fail and that it's either so easy so they dont get why im struggling and i should stop studying this. Or they say its so much to study that I cant even finish all questions

and I am soo scared and crying.. I just can't anymore...
the fear of failing it is so huge..
I am just all on my own with this... they all studied in groups without me and passed my studymates were horrible and just make it worse.. I'm so so afraid of failure..
while it's not like I am not trying to pass it I am trying my best to understand..
just to hear a heavy sigh when I ask someone a question about it as if I'm the stupidest girl ever..

im really so done... ):
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speak to yout tutur, he will help and mayb get someone who can help u study on a 1.2.1 basis, they can help build ur confidence and get u that pass. bestwishes and good luck x

Focus and tell yourself you can do it. Recall from my final year exam in U, I get the supervisor who didn't teach much, I didn't get extra teaching like others had, I didn't have group study, I don't know how I waste one year time coz I stress too much, people'r selfish they don't share, professor scold me that I don't stand a chance to step in d exam hall, that moment I feel that maybe I choose a wrong course I'll fail coz I don't hv d intellectual and resources, just my brain I depend on. Nvr give up hope, stay focus even when d entire world lost hope on u, count on urself and books, others are not reliable. Focus, study, don't remember repeat, don't understand Google and for god sake u'll pass.

Relax. Breathe. Don't panic. Your grades do lot define you. It's just a number, or letter. You are more than that. Just get back up and try again, but try harder this time. You'll be OK.

I've always been really hard on myself when it comes to school. I got a D on a term matter I took months to develop and write. School is not the only measure of who you are. Just try to relax and focus. You'll be okay!

but everyone judges you on your results.. I always feel like I should have started studying sooner.. sighh I hope this exam wont mess up the rest of my hard work..

I'm really hard on myself too though.. its an awful habit

Hun, if you spend your life thinking of all the things you could/should have done you'll go nuts. You need to focus on the things you can actually control in life. A test school is just a number. A test can't define you.

Test score*

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