I failed a (kind of) medical school exam. I'm lived in outside of America and i tried to take an exam required to go to medical school (pretty similar to university of medicine i guess). I spent all my last summer vacation on studying but I didn't really concentrate and I just procrastinated a lot. And the last week before i take exam, I crammed. But it didn't really work well. So i failed an exam miserably and also i got fear of studying and taking an exam because the experience makes me so frustrated. Now I'm in my last semester of university (fyi my major is biology) so I'm kind of confused and worried about my future. My mom said that i still have a chance so she want me to take that exam one more time. But I'm extremely frustrated right now. I don't know what to do.
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Go out to a club and let go then find somewhere secluded like at a park or lake (play music lightly if you concentrate better with music) and just STUDY. Don't think about anything else. This is your future we are talking about so don't take it lightly. Study up and drink heaps of water. Don't stress about exams. Everyone hates them but it's to achieve goals and you want to get into med school? Then that is your goal. Don't let the stress if an exam get to you.

• Study
• Stay Hydrated
• Be somewhere nice to relax
• and the end of your study go to a theme park or go out with your friends
(Everyone needs to let go)

You can do this.