I've spent the whole day studying for this oral test, I knew everything, I studied perfectly.
My teacher asked me just one thing, and while I was talking she insistently stopped me to make other (foolish) questions about the same topic. Just to hinder me.
My test lasted just 2 minutes.
And for the second time I haven't had the mark I deserved.
How the **** can you put me a low mark if you didn't even let me talk??? How can you say I was not prepared if you asked me just one thing?? And I would've answered if you stupid old fat ***** hadn't stopped me !!! Is this possible?
I feel so angry and very very disappointed.
russianangel russianangel
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 1, 2016

seems like a bad luck and it made you insecure , try to let it go.

It didn't make me insecure but just really angry

Anger has an element of insecurity hidden in it self.

what's the point of insecurity then? I knew everything, I studied and I didn't have the mark I deserved due to that *****. There's no insecurity just anger.

look at it from both sides , you did not know if you will pass or not .

It doesn't make sense. Of course I couldn't know because I can't know future, I don't have superpowers.

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