Failed And Glad

I have a lot of health issues and just stopped taking the antidepressants when my mom had surgery. I just lost it and couldn't take the pain and hurt from my sister. I took 75 vicodin and 25 sleeping pills and alcohol went to sleep. I woke up 16 hours later and couldn't believe I was spared. Yes I truly believe that god spared me, that he knew that I could I am stronger than that. That is my belief and that I was given a second chance. I am glad. My husband is the only one that knows and will know. My children have been calling me since that time, not even knowing and telling me how much they love me and miss me. I am so grateful. I am scared though that I did some damage to organs and am afraid to go to the hospital. My brother tried and got help and was okay for a short period and died a month later from a heart attack. So do I take this time to set my things in order and make out a will?
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

I hope you are still alive. I attempted suicide after losing my job. My boss and co workers bullied me really bad. I overdosed on sleeping pills. I messaged my boss on Facebook telling her about my suicide attempt am how it was her fault. She told all my former coworkers and they all made fun of me. Two of the girls had the nerve to email me and tells how sorry they were that I didn't succeed am wished me better luck next time.

please please please go to your doctor. I did the same thing (alcohol and pills) and I gave myself liver damage. Also you might benefit from anti-depressants and look into your vitamin D levels.

Stay positive. Maybe sort out your will but not for now its just good to have one. I'm 23 and I've had one for many years. Hope you are ok xx