I was just curious about other people who fainted and found this question, how does it feel like to faint?

I have never completely fainted, I was always in the process of it and then recovered. I never completely went unconscious and sometimes I think it might have been better if I did.

It is not relaxing haha. At least not in my case, your blood drains out of your head so you get light headed, you hear static noises, your vision blacks out and you break out in a cold sweat. You feel weak standing, so you try to sit down, your stomach feels like it flips upside down and you feel extreme nausea. After around 20 minutes or maybe 30 you feel somewhat normal but hungry. Then what I do is watch any bloody surgery videos I can find and just hope that I won't do it again. I think I might have to resort to more drastic measures to avoid fainting. Someone told me to get hit by a car jokingly, but I read that when people are in an emergency they found some sort of willpower to fight it off and it never happened to them again.

What it always takes is a drop of blood to pool out. No, not like a paper cut, more like half a centimeter in diameter. I am also okay with looking at other people's blood, I just get slightly sick and then hungry looking at it. I love watching gore but all that is just digital and not real.

I try to explain to people that its an instant reaction or reflex(?). Whenever I mention it, the conversation just gets weird and not a lot of people have accepted the fact. Even I haven't entirely accepted that it is who I am. I find myself pretty pathetic, even though I know I can't control it.
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22-25, F
Aug 26, 2014