What To Expect After Fainting

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I had been up late the night before and ended up sleeping tell 11:45. After waking up I came dowstairs and laid down on the couch and started watching TV. Well about forty five minutes later I got up to get a granola bar. I reached up and the next thing I remeber is lying on the floor saying my name over and over. I called out to her confused and frightened. She asked if I had hit my head and I said I didn't know. I tried to sit up but she said no and that she was going to call 911. Oh great I thought. I had to pee super bad and if I was going to go the hospital then I wanted to put on a bra at least. When I told my mom this she said no and that they would just take it off me anyways. So here I am lying on the floor watching my mom dial 911 and attempting to give them our phone number when she can't even remeber but I can. I knew I didn't hit my head but my mom wanted to make sure. About five minutes later the paramedics showed up and thank GOD they didn't put the sirens on. They checked my blood pressure and pulse, then declaring them both normal took my blood sugar. Well the first time they pricked my finger it wouldn't bleed. Finally they sat me up and did it again and this time I bled. In the end they determined that I did have low blood sugar though that was not the main problem. I didn't have to go to hospital much to mine own pleasure and was told to eat and drink lots. It was pretty embarassing that the ambulance showed up and I was fine. The sensation of fainting is surreal and quite wierd. I won't forget that memory anytime soon.
wildgirl14 wildgirl14
13-15, F
May 21, 2012