"I Fainted In Public"

I was in school one day, and I had not eaten anything at all that day, and I guess my sugar dropped hella low and I was so light headed so I headed down to the café to get some kind of food just to get into my stomach well I didn’t make it down stairs I got half way down the hall way and I totally just passed out. I was hella scared when I woke up in the clinic. That was the only time that I ever fainted in public and it was enough to scare me for a while.



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1 Response Apr 25, 2008

Ugh, that doesn't sound fun! I've never fainted myself, but I have a friend who wasn't eating much and I guess she got to band class and was playing her trumpet (great idea, considering she was already faint!) and she blacked out and hit her head against the metal music stand and ended up getting a concussion. It was scary!

omg i know exactly how you feel. i have fainted before but i was very ill. but ive had a similar experience with my best friend but it was kinda worse than yours. we were having a swimming lesson and they have those swimming bricks that they throw at the bottom of the pool and you have to go down and collect them. well some idiot decided to chuck one in whilst my friend was under the water, it hit her right in the head and knocked her cold out. i swam over there and dragged her out on the side but luckily she haddent swallowed any water and soon came round. me and the teacher helped her to her feet to take her to welfare but she was very disorientated. the teacher let go to call welfare instead to pick her up and only i had hold of her. she fell forward and hit the side of her head against a wall and blacked out again but this time she was bleeding and had a huge cut on her head. she starting seizing and i was holding her still-ish so she didn't fall into the pool whilst the teacher was getting students to run to welfare and tell them to call an ambulance. eventually she completely recovered but lost one week of her memory. she doesnt remember going to school that week or anything else that happend after that whilst at hospital and stuff. she was very lucky she didn't loose any otehr memories : xxx