More Times Than I Can Count...

The first time I remember fainting was Halloween day when I was in Kindergarten class... I had skipped breakfast at school to have more time to play on the playground before class started... I walked up to my teachers desk to tell her I didn't feel good and fainted right in front of her.

Since then I have fainted when having my hair curled, when spending the day in the sun and being dehydrated, from having major migraines, from spending too much time working in a hot kitchen (making a lovely Valentines day dinner for my BF at the time- that was ruined because his parents then accused me of being pregnant at 17 and I wasn't!), from taking showers that were too hot, from drinking too much the night before (YEAH, VEGAS BABY!! I have a little scar in my eyebrow now from that one.)...

I'm sure there are other things that have caused me to faint, but I don't remember them right now... The good thing is, it's happened so much that I know exactly when it's coming on so I can lay down or prepare myself so I don't get hurt... The bad thing is, it's usually accompanied by nausea and (after I wake) vomiting. Fun!!

wonderchick wonderchick
Apr 4, 2008