When Im Sick

I faint all the time when i am really sick i just pass out i start to feeling really dizzy like the room is spinning uncontrollably all the light goes black and i  just fall on the floor.

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I had the same thing happen to me. I went to the doctor and they found a problem in my throat. I would cough and then i would pass out. You keep going and seeing Doctors tell they find out just what is wrong. This is very bad for there so many thing that can cause you to pass out. And one day you may pass out and hit your head that could cause you even more problems then you started with. Good like to ya and you hang in there let me know if they find out what is causing this. By the way i would very much like to be friends so if you would be so kind to add me to your friends list i think we could be good friends. (allsosad)

If you have not, go to a doctor.<br />
This could be something dangerous, like hypoglycemia or low blood pressure.

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ive been to the doctor for sick fainting it only happens when i get very sick only not like a sneeze or cold way beyond that

Hypoglycemic attacks can be nasty-low blood sugar...and low blood pressure can actually kill you if it gets too low...you could just go to a store that has a pressure cuff for that though, use one of their machine thingys.

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