Three Times...and Almost

Ok im not much of a fainter but its only happened three times when i was about 13
I was at an St john ambulance inspection it was a realy hot day, we were made to stand in ranks of three we were about 20 minutes in and i started to fell realy weird I looked at the person in in front the next thing i knew i was on the floor with my face as if it got rubbed in dirt but it hadent one of the st John workers came to help me up to go outside and sit down they offered my a bit of chocolate but i couldent eat it the next hing i through up down someone skirt lol. It happened again when i had my HIV jab i wasnt scared or anything so i had the needle walk out side to put my top back on and all of a sudden i had a realy bad rush as if i knew i was going to faint the next thing i knew i was on the floor with a teachers assistant and the nurse checking my pulse got to go home that day from school. The other time was when i squate my fingure realy hard in my foster sister door saw a bit of blood went to wash it under the cold tap the next thing i was on the floormy foster sister told me i hit my head on the hover but was okay to go out that night. Im now 17 moved placements I almosted fainted on ten tors traing i guss my nick name was the fainter. One thing i dont uderstand is why don't i get and symptoms any suggestions
sugarbares sugarbares
18-21, F
May 13, 2012