I Fainted Completely Naked!!!

I am 4 months pregnant and today decided I would do some gentle swimming to get my self as fit and healthy as I could before giving birth. I wasn't feeling so great though so I didn't stay in the pool long and decided to go to the changing rooms and get showered and changed. I was in the shower cubicle and had just showered,turned it off and grabbed my towel and clothes when suddenly I felt extremely weak. Next thing I knew I had fallen to the floor. I came round pretty quickly but my knee was cut open and pouring with blood and then I suddenly began vomiting (not because of the blood but due to the dehydration I felt from fainting). To make matters worse I was completely naked but most of my clothes and my towel had dropped into the little puddle of water that had accumilated due to a blocked drain so were drenched through and were also now covered in vomit. The only thing I managed to salvage and actually muster the strength to put on (as I was extremely weak and could barely move) were my knickers which I stuggled to put on before shouting for help.
georgiecandice georgiecandice
1 Response May 20, 2012

I hope help arrived quickly and that you didn't blame yourself for having fainted.