I Faint. Every Week.

Fainting; the loss of consciousness, the inability to remain upright and in control of one's body.

You know the feelings. That awful sickness in your stomach that rises to your throat. The roaring in your ears. The spinning of the walls. The floor moves as if you're on a boat. The grey fuzziness around the edges of the room that slowly clouds over your whole vision, your knees buckle and BAM! you're on the floor and out for the count. Coming round to find yourself in a compromised situation with people slapping you, calling your name, worrying about ringing an ambulance...or in my case (because my friends are now so used to it and very blasé about it all) just casually flicking my nose, tickling my ears and doodling on my face with markers.
Imagine that...every single week. At least twice. My friends say I'm vertically challenged or horizontally inclined. I have to say, I agree.

I've always been a bit of a fainter...low blood sugars aren't great. And anything remotely gory causes me to hit the deck too. But last October things suddenly got a whole lot worse. I became ill with glandular fever and suddenly I was fainting all the time. Some days it could be as bad as 6 or 7 times. I've since been diagnosed with ME but the doctors were never too concernd about the fainting, which is quite curious really. I've had way too many blood tests and they've all come back clear, no anaemia or anything. My blood pressure is around 104/60 which isn't so bad I don't think? And I have a slightly irregular heart beat but apparently it's quite regular to have that...in a weird paradox kind of way.

My worst experiences are probably the ones where I've been injured during the collapse. Truth be told, I've been SO lucky...considering how many times I have now fainted, I could have injured myself far worse on many occasions but I'm lucky that now my uni friends are so used to me, they know the signs and get ready to catch me. They're literally pro first aiders now! However, one time I was in the toilets, hit my head pretty bad and got a mild concussion along with a lovely gash and bruise right on my forehead thanks to the sink I headbutted. I was out for about 20 mins and locked in the cubicle...not cool. Another time, I was out clubbing, fainted down some stairs (in some lovely six inch heels) and hurt my neck...ended up in a neck brace and strapped to a board in A&E for 8 hours whilst desperately needing to pee! My neck was not broken, by the way, despite all of the concern and I got home at half 7 in the morning...such a "wild child". I was at a big ball one night with a lot of friends and of course, I was dancing (I now know how the night is going to end if I do that but I love dancing so much that sometimes I just accept it's going to happen and have as much fun as possible beforehand). I hurt my elbow that night, just a sprain but it was incredibly painful.
I've had some awkward situation faints too...they're just awkward. Wearing a short dress is no longer a good idea. Let's just leave it at that! And one time I was on a plane and we'd landed and everyone was just beginning to lift their hand luggage bags out of the overhead things...so I stood up fast without thinking and next thing I hear is someone on the tannoy thing asking if any of the passengers were doctors or trained in first aid. I did get a nice man to carry me down the stairs though hehe ;) leaving a restaurant once was made very dramatic by reaching for the door and falling backwards...but I did get a free can of coke out of that one, so I can't complain too much!

Fainting has become a part of life for me. It's not a pleasant part but it is something I now have to deal with. I'm hoping that maybe the doctors will finally figure out what is up with me because until then I have to manage with this inconvenience.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Hello, I'm 19, and I've always been a "flopper", as some people like to call me,but lately I've been faintin once a week minimum, and it's really hard to keep working. I'm constantly worried about fainting at bad times, like when frying eggs, for example, as if I did it while doing something like that I would most probably throw hot oil at myself and everyone else in the surrounding area. Worse thing is the doctors won't help me with it anymore, won't even continue testing me for things. I understand how difficult it is to live with this, as I've gotten to the end of my tether with it now. I've had two notably bad occasions, one time I was in high school I fainted in the hallway and woke up to people stepping over me, and five broken teeth, and yesterday I fainted in the middle of a funeral, and had all the old men offering me chairs and such, but at least it was quite comedic, or so I was told. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with this long term? Because I've been trying most of the usual stuff, and it's not helping very much any more... Fe