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Bored Now!

I was walking home from the park and my friends sister decides to poke the guts out of a dead slug but I didn't know this and she called us over. I looked down and saw some yellowy miniture jeely bean with slimey STUFF all over it. Then I woke up with my friend supporting me and walking me away from it. I recall dreaming about a starry place with fireworks going off then an explosion of orange cups or something like that there was a voice and a face of my dead grandad but I cant remember a word he said :/. I looked up at the sky then realized what happened so I didn't bother asking. When we were quite far away she sat me down on a tree stump and forced me to eat some of her own chocolate (which i wasnt happy about.) and the sister stated rubbing sap from plant on my face trying to cool me down XD then i went home.
thedimone thedimone 13-15, F Aug 1, 2012

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