Another One!?

It was earlier today. Again I was at school, and I was at the library...

I had literally just walked up to the school library to search for my brother to go home with. I just asked the new librarian if he'd seen my brother. He said no and started on something else but my hearing faded and my vision dissolved into darkness. I remember him yelling a name and two large hands clasped my shoulders and swooped my legs. Then nothing. When I came to my senses my legs were elevated by some books and the librarian was rubbing a cold paper towel across my forehead and the other person presumably the one who had grabbed me was asking me questions. I just said I dunno to all of them then finally asked what had happened. they said I passed out and it was lucky that sir happened to be coming up the stairs or I would have fell down them and bashed my head. I was out for 6 minutes. I finally told them I was anemic then walked home and met up with my brother!!
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

do you know why you faint a lot?

I have a vague idea

what do you think it is?

Anaemia mixed with anxiety and some stress