Perfume Panic

So, in my English class, well today, 12-6-12, I walked in and I could feel this overpoweringly strong smell of someone's perfume or cologne. The smell gave me an instant headache so, like normal I went to my seat and sat down. I could tell that my face was growing red very quickly. My friend came over to me, noticing my distress and asked me what was wrong. As a normal teenage girl my reaction was "nothing, I'm fine" she felt my head and told me that I had a fever. I nodded, yes, I knew that, it was a way that my body tried to protect me from the substance that it was finding to be a 'harmful substance'. I had no idea what just a common fragrance could do to me, I had never been diagnosed with any type of allergy, chemical natural or others wise. My other friend went to tell the teacher that I needed to go to the nurse, even though I objected I still took her hand to help me up. I didn't even make it to a full standing position, my legs gave out and I was down, it only took me a few seconds to come to but it was still quite a fall and I probably will be permanently affected for this being my first time ever to faint. Still I couldn't get up, both of my friends had to help me, letting me lean on their shoulders to get me to a seat that was placed outside for me until the nurse came to take me to her office. And now, hours from the incident, I still feel a little weak, but never again will I stay in a room that has any type of perfume fumes in there.
Cryingsmile Cryingsmile
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Probably was chloroform!