It Was Weird

So the first time I fainted I was in my room and lying on my bed reading when I got up to do something and I woke up on the ground. I'm not sure how long I was out probably a few seconds but when I woke up it didn't even seem strange that I was on the floor..until I remembered that I had gotten up to get something and that I didn't remember falling on the floor. But then I realized my ears were ringing and my head was pounding. It was so weird. I didn't tell anyone until a few months later because I didn't want to worry anyone. But it happened a few more times until I started to get up slowly.

Then there was this one time In chapel at school and I just all of a sudden felt really hot and sweaty, I felt like I was swaying and I felt sick in my stomach and light headed. It literally was like I was experiencing all the warnings of fainting. Just as I was about to try and walk outside to get air..or avoid fainting in front of heaps of people the sevice ended..thank god and I was able to get outside. I think it's when I don't eat and I think I have slightly low blood I was once told. But there are some days where I'm just more lightheaded than others and almost every time I get up my vision goes dark and my head throbbs haha but I think those are the days when I haven't slept enough and aren't feeling the best otherwise it's not that bad.

Anyway I remember reading other people's stories to make me feel better when I fainted those few times so here's mine. (:
anon660 anon660
Dec 7, 2012