Out Go the Lights

well this has happened a couple times. very unpleasant experience to be sure. the first time, was about ten or so years ago, i had been suffering from a flu that just wouldn't go away. my husband at the time, and our two kids went away for the weekend, and we were in an underwater sea thing,,, and i started feeling flushed, sweaty, and i knew i had to get out of there fast!! i tried to run up the stairs and only got as far as the gift shop when i woke up on my back on the floor with many people looking down on me!! how embarrassing. the second time was about 7 months ago when my boyfriend took me to las vegas. our flight home was very early in the morning and of course we had been out drinking the night before. i hadn't had any water or anything to eat in the morning as we were late for our flight, so as we were half running thru the airport, my eyes went blurry,i felt nauseated and again woke up on the floor!!!! oh please god don't let this happen again. it only fuels my panic disorder.....
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I have fainted many times for not eating stuff so what have i learned? EAT!

OMG yes the one and only time I ever fainted froma panic attack,when I was 17,I was reluctant to leave the house after for months.......it's horrible .......<br />
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good luck!

It is not god who can prevent it, but u! Don't go without water, and don't drink too much. It's not rocket science to figure out how to avoid fainting!