It Was Scary

My boyfriend left to work at 5 am and I stayed at his house because I had no school that day. I woke up at 8 am and went to the bathroom. I heard his mom and his sister getting ready to work and school upstairs. My boyfriend had his own little apartment in the basement. When I left the bathroom I looked at the stairs and they slowly started to turn black. I never fainted in my life before so I didn't know what was going on. Suddenly I felt very weak and couldn't stand on my feet so I went down on my knees, I decided to let my boyfriends mom know that I am not feeling very well, but I couldn't see anything and I could hardly walk but somehow I climbed up the first 8 stairs, on my hard way up I dropped all the shoes and jackets that were handing and standing on the stairs. I heard his mother say "what is that noise?" the sister said "sorry I dropped something" then I hit my head onto the wall and the mother came out to see what that was, she looked at me and said "are you okay?" I said "I'm not feeling very good" She and the sister carried me into a room and laid me on the bed. Then I finally started to see things again. The sister didn't go to school just to watch me, that was so cute of her. Later the mother said that she thought that I was drunk lol. I fainted because of low blood pressure and dehydration. 
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2007

I do that all the time. I actually think it is funny now, I have done it so many times. The last time I did it, I was pregnant with my second child. I scared the heck out of my mother-in-law. All I could do was laugh. It is caused from very low blood pressure.

My vision goes black a lot when I first stand up after I'm not moving. It's happened randomly too and I just keep walking or whatever but I am afraid I'll run into something....

My god! His mom seems to be mean and judgemental. What a horrible thing to say to someone early in the morning.