That's Not "Neat"

I remember in high school 9th & 10th grades - the big thing was making ourselves faint.  I don't really remember what the thrill was except that "everybody else was doing it!" Big Deal! Live and learn.  Well, I've fainted like twice (not on purpose) Once, I was pregnant and I was at a party. There were so many people and so much smoke, yet not enough air.  I had one drink, and it sent me reeling.  I Tried to go outside to get some air, but I went out before I could even take two steps.  It really scared me. I've since though how imbecile I was in high school to think that it was a neat thing to do.  Another time, I fainted in the ER watching them stitch my son's chin. Mind you, I'm used to stuff like that, but I guess because it was my son, it got to me. That wasn't fun, neither. That one also embarrassed me. I've had a few close calls, but was able to do something to keep myself from fainting those times.  I don't like it.
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Don't feel bad...I very nearly fainted when my husband was peeling potatoes and managed to peel his finger along with 'em! It's been three years and I still haven't lived it down. lol