Oh Yeah Twice

I was standing in my kitchen with my morning coffee I was talking to a friend of mine who was stood opposite me I remember looking at my cup taking a sip and then felt dizzy. Next minute I wake up on the couch with a huge coffee stain on my chest feeling very sick it was weird.

The second time i fainted was when my dad gave me a big hug and he squeezed me that tight i just collapsed in his arms pretty funny when I look back wasn't then nearly gave my dad a heart attack..
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Yeah, and it can even be something as basic as loosing too many electrolites if you've been sick with vomitting or diarrhea before these incidents. My mom did that one time when I was little, and it scared the bezeebers outta me! One minute she was sipping from a cup at the kitchen table, next thing she slid down her chair, and bout hit the floor! Luckily my uncle (my true uncle... not a nick-name for a mom's lover! lol), caught her before she smacked the floor with her head. All it took was some fluids and electrolites, and she was good as new.

Wow friend that is kinda scarey! Have you ever seen a Doctor for that? A lot of things can cause fainting so it could be any number of things. Well your dad was around at least once so it doesn't sound like seizures. When you have a seizure you are usually not even aware of it. I had what I thought to be fainting spells and mine turned out to be seizures since people around me at the time saw me. High Blood Pressure &Hypoglaucemia are a couple of things that can lead to fainting also. Just take care and get that checked out!