I Don't Plan To Donate Blood Again.

I noticed the blood drive at my campus but I never really thought about donating blood. I was later handed a flyer from some students and it I still felt like I wasn't going to do it, but I had a change of heart and felt like I should help some people today.

Yah dah yah, I'm cleared to get blood, they get a pint of my blood and I felt fine. I thought that all of this wasn't so bad (though the people were a little less than friendly) I was told to go sit down in the rest area for around 15 minutes and have some snacks.

I asked the volunteers if I was allowed to go and they really didn't care and they just let people go. Now I know that to do so is a BAD IDEA. VERY F*CKING BAD IDEA. Ignorant, ignorant student volunteers.....and here is why. I was planning to leave, but I dunno, I decided to stay for some reason, I didn't really have a reason, I just munched on some pretzels sitting next to some student volunteers and still feeling fine. 5 minutes later, suddenly I felt nauseous, it hit me within a second and I felt dizzy. I can't explain how sudden it was and scary. To suddenly feel your body go from one state to another, even when I had usually felt physically ill in the past it usually came gradually, this was like a snap of the fingers. I thought that maybe I just needed some water and to get myself away from the situation, so I get up out the chair and a nurse beside me asks if I'm okay. I feel dizzy and say "I don't know." I felt like I was going to throw up any second. A man grabs me from behind to steady me and my vision goes fuzzy, and that's all I remember. I don't even remember closing my eyes.

I had this trippy yet comforting dream that I was living in another reality. It was kind of scary coming to consciousness because it didn't hit me automatically that I was actually supposed to be in "this" reality. A nurse kept calling my name and bringing me back to consciousness which I found to be annoying. I realized that I was in a recliner with my legs propped up, slightly wondering how long I had been knocked out. (it wasn't long) They brought me some cranberry juice and the man who prevented me from falling and hitting my head on the floor asked me if I had anything to eat today. I said no and he told me that's probably why I fainted. I need to keep my blood sugars up and it probably didn't help with my lowered blood pressure from the decrease in blood that I stood up as that likely makes it more difficult for the blood I have left to get to my head.

Another nurse next to me asked how I was doing. To be honest, I felt a tons better after coming to consciousness. I kinda felt "new" and refreshed. I asked her if I was the first one this happened to and she said "haha, no, this usually happens at least once a day when we do this."

It was embarrassing as I came around back to the snack table. The student volunteers were just looking at me and another one grabbed my stuff asking me if I felt better. So embarrassing in front of the guy I had been sitting next as I had literally fainted right in front of him.

To be honest. I thought I was one of those special people and that I'd never faint in my life. To an extent, I had even thought some people faked it. I know better now. I was NOT faking it and MOST people who look like they fainted actually aren't faking it either. It's something you can't control. Your body just goes limp and you lose consciousness. I must say it was rather interesting. Now I know what it feels like to faint, I can't say I'd want to do it again though.

And more gripes about those student volunteers. They were so f*cking clueless. Hell, even a nurse asked them if they wanted to go as they just stood around gabbing, not really aiding anyone. The nurses, before I had felt ill, had to TELL THEM to ask me how I doing and check on me. They didn't even do that after she had told them to. Too f*cking self absorbed. So friggen useless. They just let people go right after they donated blood? They're not supposed to f*cking do that. Hell, if had gone I could have fainted outside walking back to my dorm, possibly hitting my head on the cement. After what happened to me, I can see why they the want people to wait 15 minutes before leaving. Please don't tell me that these students are our futures doctors and nurses........................I'm sorry that this last post is rather angry, but I think I have a bit of a right to be. I'm not kidding when I'm saying that these student volunteers were useless and could only make the situation worse. It's one thing to be useless, it's another make it worse.

I do not plan to donate blood again. I do hope those people who get my blood appreciate it as I fainted for it lol.

As a side note, if you see someone faint, you need to let them lay down on the floor to get blood flowing back to their head. It is a good idea to put them in the recovery position as well with their face and body tilted some to the side. You might want to prop their legs up too.
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May 1, 2013