Ren Faire Dramatics

My family used to go to the Renaissance Faire every year when I was a kid.  We got dressed up in the period costumes, watched the jousting, the Manly Men in Tights (tight tights!), and ate turkey legs the size of a small child's head. 
As an eight year old, I was captivated by the costumes, wares, and antics of the ren faire.  My mother always started us out with a water bottle for each of us, with the strict instructions to keep it with us and make sure we stayed hydrated.  My water bottle lasted through the first show, and was then completely forgotten about on out hay-bale seats.  I, of course, thought that everything was fine, I wasn't thirsty so there was no need to worry about water.  I was predictably wrong.  While waiting in line with my mum in one of the shops, I suddenly got very dizzy, then woke up on the ground with no memory of what took place in between.
My mum immediately went into her mama bear mode, and got the shop owner to let me sit down for a bit and get me some water. After a few moments I felt fine.  I got a new water bottle that was better looked after, and there was no more incident the rest of the day. 
Thats the only time I have fainted from dehydration, but I still have to be careful about getting enough water. 
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I am a mother of 2 small children and disabled and trying to make new friends.

most people don't even realize how much water we 'should' ingest each day for the simple act of hydration. by the time we sense thirst we are already dehydrated! not good not good, especially considering something like 80% of our bodies is comprised of water or fluid dependant on water. i've mostly read we should drink 8 glasses (8 x 12 oz = 96 oz) each day, however, this is NOT necessarily accurate! according to the vast majority of health care providers i've asked (dieticians, phys therapists, OB/GYN's, urologists, internists, neurologists, etc.) as well as fitness advisors ... they all say to take your body weight in POUNDS and multiply by .6 (60%) ... the sum is the least amount of ounces of water we should take in on a daily basis. it only makes sense that it should be based on weight since each body is unique and cannot and should not be 'grouped' in with an average which may continue to leave some dehydrated especially in extenuating circumstances such as the ren faire ... how scary for you as such a young girl! though sometimes, i believe it's much scarier for the witnesses. at least you learned early about hydration! good lesson.

I've fainted before and it's very scary. You know those few seconds before you hit the ground that something is wrong. You must have been very scared since you were very young, : ( <br />
I think my fainting happened as a consequence of dehydration and exhaustion (I did the Walk for Hunger), but later on in the crowded train, I started feeling suffocated and things looked "whirly" if that makes sense. <br />
Once my friends and I got off the train, I hit the tracks, *huh?* It must have been scarier to see than experience because people around me looked panicked. I just remember being embarrassed. <br />
I've been to a few Renaissance fairs myself and love them. I laughed when you said "turkey legs...child's head." Good way to put it, and I know exactly what you're talking about. I smoked a little there once, and remember wanting everyone to stop acting so crazy, lol. <br />
btw, I'm drinking H20 as I write this.<br />

I've been to the Renaissance Faire! I loved it too! It was so fascinating! I would love to go now that I'm much older. Anyway...<br />
<br />
I've only fainted once, but it wasn't from being dehydrated. I have low blood pressure and I stood up too fast. I didn't know a person could even faint from not drinking enough water, especially at such a young age! I'll have to keep that in mind since it's the summer and I'm always forgetting to drink water.