Butter Cookies

I was like 14 or 15. We had a large open window from the dining room to the kitchen with a ledge that divided the counter from the wall in the dining room. I was leaning on it, and staring at a box of Salerno Butter cookies. All of the sudden, I didn't hear anything, and saw everything go black from the edges of my eyes in. Kind of like when you turn an old tv off and it goes black except for a small white dot in the middle. Looked like that. My mom was yelling my name, and I woke up on the floor. I had knocked over a chair that was at the dining room table and had 3 large lumps on my head. Still not sure why it happened. I was probably dehydrated or something.
dollydagger dollydagger
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1 Response Jun 7, 2007

Dehydration is probably the cause. Thats the only reason I have heard of for someone to faint actually. Other than the to-tight corsets in the nineteenth century.