Will Writing a Story...

Will writing a story change what pops up in that box second down on the right? Because I'm sick of seeing the "I fainted" thingo.

Anyway, I nearly fainted once, it was a reaction to a needle jab from an immunisation that I got. I'm not sure why I toppled, because needles don't worry me at all .Heck, I've taken blood from myself, no problems. And I let my friends practice on me, when we were learning how to take blood.

I think it was probably a contributed to by standing up for the injection (duh), and it wasn't really a proper faint, but more of a stagger. :P
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

There's a what? Where? Who now? Oh! I see it. I'll go have a look!

LOL. OK, OK... :) It would be *great* if you guys posted some suggestions in the feedback group (scroll down and click "Suggestions?" We have hundreds of thousands of groups ... so it gets hard to pick something to spotlight! :)

Well, it seems that writing a story doesn't make the box on the right change :P Must be a time rotation only thing.