I Was Five

I remember the first time I ever went to a "proper" school, I was five. I'm in India, and here children start going to school at 3 years, and they know a lot in terms of alphabets and words etc by the time they are in grade 1. Since I started late, I had a lot of catching up to do. I can't remember why I was punished in class that day, but there were about six of us standing at the back of the class. I remember that a lot of time passed; and I was getting very tired of standing. (I have always been weaker than the average kid/person.) According to me, a couple of hours had passed; but since I was five, maybe I really didn't know how much time had passed since I was standing. At some point, I started seeing darkness in front of my eyes; and the teacher's voice became distant. I hadn't ever experienced anything like this before; and got very scared. I started calling out, "teacher, teacher, I can't see, I can't see..." I think I may have been soft, coz the teacher didn't hear me. I then fell to the ground. I remember feeling very light headed. I am assuming that when the teacher saw this, she was terrified. The next thing I knew was that I was seated on a bench, head on the table, and another student was fanning me with her handkercheif. I felt very awkward, because I wasn't used to attention. This girl was standing, and I requested her to sit down, though i could barely talk.  She was one among the punished students, and i thought she might be feeling weak too. I just remember  murmuring to her, "Please don't stand, sit down..." I was very embarrassed about the whole thing.... I had a very low self esteem for the longest time... I guess our families do a lot of damage in terms of sibling comparison. My parents still don't stop, but it doesn't affect me that way now, and I've forgiven them coz I realize they mean no harm. So that was my fainting story.... nothing very spectacular....  but that was the first time that so much attention was lavished on me... :)
skylightangel skylightangel
31-35, F
Jun 10, 2007