Six Flags New England

ok me and my husband decided to spend the weekend with my cousin candis and her bf daren in massachusettes .. we planned to go to six flags. we went there . the weather was great well it was a little too hot for me. we had eaten at some little restaurant there. which was great  food. i had a chicken caesar salad. ok anways. the boys wanted to go on a river raft ride and we were waiting in line. i have a tendancy to suffer from heat exhaustion. i remember i had a drink too. back to waiting in line well i started feeling like i was going to throw up and then i blacked out i remember being on the ground thinking how did i get there. warren my husand helped me up and told me i fainted. i was embarrassed. i was like why did this happen to me. so we ended up walking to the nearest place that had chairs and warren got me some water with ice. i felt bad for candi and daren cause i felt like i ruined there fun. i passed out from the heat .i had told them to go ride some rides and let me rest a bit. i felt fine after about maybe 10-20 minutes. i was back to riding rides and had told them i was sorry and felt bad. that was my embarrassing time
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Sorry to hear that ... I suffer from motion sickness, I cant tell you how many times I've vomited after riding some rides ... my friends have come to accept it and usually just make fun of me now. LOL<br />
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Six Flags (Atlanta) rocks! But it's very pricy and sometimes you have to wait in line for hours for one ride.