It Happens Regulary

yesterday at work and the time before that was about 3 weeks ago whilst at the vets with my dog.

Since I was very young I've always fainted and must have went through it over 100 times easily (I'm now in my late 20's). Even though it happens quite regulary it is still very scary and I hate it. Over time it has become harder and harder to stop it and now I get very little warning of when I am about to go which isnt great.

The worst thing is trying to explain to people afterward that I am not epileptic as apparently I shake quite a bit during my attacks and the feeling of complete exhaustion straight afterwards.

Anyone else out there a serial fainter?


Debs79 Debs79
26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 20, 2007

did anyone carry you?

hi you... i would like to ask you a few things about your story..pls email me if you like