Ever Since the Inital Syncope

In September of 2005, I fainted due to unknown causes. Recently I had gone from ~200 pounds to 115 in a matter of months. Others around me panicked because I had lost all color and my body temp dropped considerably. I was admitted into a general hospital who couldn't pinpoint the source, and after a few hours released me when my condition gradually improved.
Since then I've had fainting spells but not as severe. I'm able to recover from them quickly, and predict the onset quickly enough as to get to an isolated place to lie down in (usually a bathroom).
I've been researching and narrowing down a few possible causes, but I don't want to see a doctor because 1) I don't have health insurance and 2) I don't want to take pills if they are prescribed to me. I don't feel that if the spells are severe as the initial attack, then I shouldn't worry about them until they progress to that point again. It's not interfering with my daily life on a large scale either, since I can usually tell when I'm having one in enough time. Above all else, I know what a doctor will tell me. I have a basic understanding about the processes and the solutions and I feel that I'm able to cope as is.
I wonder if I should worry more about my condition. I don't need the added stress and anxiety, and I don't like the idea of going to a hospital/doctor's office and paying a lot of money.
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It could simply be a vitamin deficiency of iron and/or B12. B12 is best absorbed either by taking dissolvable tablets under your tongue or by shots. Since you have no insurance, try the dissolvable ones and take some iron. Just see if that helps.

your story worries me. anything that can cause the body to faint, is it's way of letting you know something is wrong. (probably easily correctible). it is however, unfortunate you don't have medical insurance. could you possibly find a way to get the money or maybe a family member..... i certainly cant tell you what to do, but it concerns me.....

I got sick about 11 years ago and gained so much weight. I kept passing out. I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia which means that my body does not regulate my heart rate and blood pressure. Sounds like you have similar symptoms especially if you are passing out after a shower or bath(you said bathroom). I bet you get the shakes or feel like vomiting and/or get dizzy. Relieved only when you lay down is your body keeping your blood pressure up to your heart and brain. I take medication but it doesn't change the fact that I can't function the majority of the time which makes it hard to lose weight and exercise. I hope you change your mind and see a doctor. You may just have an irregular heart rate. For now I would suggest drinking plenty of water when you are thirsty and not soda or sugar drinks and that can also help. Hope you post again and let me know how you are.