My most recent fainting episode was three weeks ago. Before that, I hadnt fainted in about 8 months. But I have fainted more than a few times in my life. Enough to know when it's fixing to happen. I was at a very large amusement park on vacation with my parents, brother, and boyfriend. It was extremely hot, I was already nauseated because my mom MADE me eat, even though I wasnt hungry, that morning before we entered the park, so I wouldnt get hungry. I started to feel really light headed and weak, so me + my boyfriend sat down, he got me some water, which I could hardly drink due to my sick stomach. After a few minutes, I felt fine, so we got up and walked to this one really big water ride me, my boyfriend, + my brother wanted to ride. We were waiting in line, and I my mouth started filling up with saliva, and I started feeling really ill, and I knew I was fixing to throw up, I told my boyfriend, and we started to walk out of the line. But I couldnt walk far because I got really light headed, and everything started fading out. I told him "I feel so light headed. I think I'm going to pass out. I am." And then I did. I dont remember it, though. All I remember is when I woke up my boyfriend was holding my hand, and helping me to sit up, and he said "baby, you passed out" I felt so dazed and I didnt know what in the world was going on. It was pretty scary, and at the same time embarrassing. And, all I woke up to was ICE COLD WATER going down my face, my back, my chest, my legs. My boyfriend said this man had jumped a rail down to where we were in line to get to me, and he said he was a volunteer firefighter. And that I was out for a good 45 seconds. Thank god for this man and his water :) It cooled me down and woke me up. They said I was dehydrated, and passed out from heat exhaustion. Plus, I felt horrible for ruining my boyfriend's+brother's vacation day :( but my boyfriend is so amazing, he said all he was worried about was me being ok :) and im so thankful for him being there, too. Passing out is NOT a fun experience. Ive hated it every single time it's happened to me. I dont like not knowing what happened, and I dont like the embarrassment it give me.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2007

Its scary and embarrassing when everyone stares at you like your some sort of bizarre alien and the fuss that everyone makes over you like the queens coming for a visit or something I have also been there and done that I just hope you find out why its happening and that if you fall you don't need stitches after.

it is very scary and embarrassing to faint, been there done that. i know the reasons why i've fainted. my question then is do you know what triggers your fainting spells. if they happen alot you should see a doctor, your blood pressure or blood sugar could be out of wack. take care...