I Fainted, Lights Out.

I have fainted that many times, I have lost count!  Three times in the last six months.

In October 2008 when my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Ryan, there I was in the ward giving support to my wife Katrina, when half way through the birth I went out cold.  It happended that quick.  All I remember is coming to after 5 minutes with doctors and nurses standing around me.

The next time I was at a New Year  BBQ at my best friends Matt's place when as he was preparing the food he cuts his finger.  I went to see if I could help, took one look at the blood and went out in a dead faint.  Apparently I was unconscious before I hit the floor.

The last time was two days ago.  I came home after doing my afternoon jog and took a shower.  I musn't have cooled off enough, because In a couple of minutes after I stepped out of the shower, again I went out cold - no warning.

I don't know what it is but when i faint, it is a dead faint.

I have to say that a dead faint is the most amazing experience, totally relaxed in a peaceful comatose state.

Does anyone have similar experiences to share.


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4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Yea I faint so much that I can hardly keep up, I also faint dead away unconscious and agree with you there that it kinda feels good.

Ever find out why?

I get about 30 seconds warning, i tend to go blind just before.<br />
last time i fainted was two days ago, in public with hundreds of people around. :/ but yes, i agree with you about the peaceful thing- you can just stop thinking altoghether for alittle amount of time, its a nice break. :)

Yeah, I'm just like you. I just go unconscious, no warning.