Horrible Allergic Reaction

 I'd never had a reaction that bad. Still not sure what it was. Probably the sunflower seeds.

I thought it was going away when my lip and throat swelling went down... then came the itching.

Took a shower in an attempt to wash all the itchy off, but it just got worse. By the time I got out of the shower, every inch of skin was covered in hives, was burning and itching enough to make me want to cry. I cut my shower short because I didn't feel like I could stay standing any longer.

Went and laid down. Decided I needed to go try to make myself puke. Went to go do that. Decided to take another antihistamine. In the process, felt like my knees were going to give out. My vision and coordination started to go as I opened the bottle. As I swallowed the pill, I remember thinking I at least got that done. Remember going to put the glass down.

Next thing I remember was feeling too comfortable, then realizing I was on the floor with my head on my shoe. The glass I went to put down was on the floor by my feet. I'd already asked my boyfriend to come over, but he wasn't there yet. My vision was still faded. My ears were still hearing static that wasn't there. I was still out of it. Boyfriend showed up just after I sat up. I don't think I was out for too long.

Thankfully almost immediately, all symptoms started fading. I'm not sure if it was that last pill or the fainting or both, but as soon as I sat up, everything sort of halted and started to go away. It was still a few moments before I decided 911 wasn't necessary, though.

My boyfriend had pointed out that I was bleeding. I figured it was just from scratching, but after groping a bit, I realized a strand of my neck really was just hanging off. It took a while longer for me to realize I'd almost torn off the back of my ear as well.

Turns out when I went down, I slid down the door frame and caught myself on the latch plate. That ****** is sharp... and sticks out much farther than I think it should. The edge of my ear was literally just sort of hanging there, hinged on the edge, cut about half an inch deep across the back of my ear. I never would've thought I could cut that deep into an ear, but apparently at the "right" angle you can.

Thankfully I'm not dead or anything (or am I? I'm still not 100% on that one) and the damage was just collateral, but that was not a pleasant day for me. Now, hopefully everything heals fine.

sombrehippie sombrehippie
22-25, F
Mar 12, 2009