I Hate Summer.

It was Memorial Day weekend of 2006. I was at my friend's house, and they didn't have air conditioning. We were running around all day and were about to start dinner...hamburgers on the grill. We had sliced tomatoes, onions, patted out the patties, and were ready to walk out the door from the kitchen to go outside. My friend grabbed the cheese we had bought from the deli earlier, and asked me if I wanted a piece to eat now. I said yes, but my stomach started feeling funny. I said "I feel sick" and my friend asked if I was ok. I said "I feel dizzy", and she asked what was going on. I said "I feel hot" and started turning around to move to the living room. Next thing I know, I'm on the floor and there's a lot of pain in my foot. Everything seemed really fuzzy and I was very confused. Someone came over and wiped my face down with a wet cloth. I realized that my friend had called 911, and I asked her to call them back and tell them not to come. She said they couldn't do that, and I remember hearing the siren approach. I tried to stand up and move into the living room...I did NOT want to be found sitting in the kitchen floor! I couldn't walk and sat back down. The EMTs arrived and asked me questions like my name, address, etc. I answered these with no trouble. Then they asked if I had eaten that day and I couldn't remember a single thing that was going on that day. The EMTs said I was dehydrated and had heat related issues, and I needed to go to the hospital. I asked if I could just sit and drink Gatorade, but no such luck. After a super embarassing trip down stairs in a stair chair and a scary ride to the hospital in an ambulance (never been in one of those before), I was released with a general heatstroke and broken foot diagnosis. I hadn't fainted before, and haven't since! *knocks on wood*

xina xina
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2007