I Faint Alot..

Fainting to me is a part of everyday life. I get up  every day knowing i am going to faint, some times once a day, and other times it can be 7 times a day.  It is scary, I actually fainted about 40 minutes ago and now have a rly big bruise on my arm, it really hurts.  When i faint i can be unconsious for anything from 2 seconds to 5 mins.

The first time this happened i was at a gig and i passed out 7 or 8 times before being carried out, they said it was just cause of the heat but since then it has kept happening.  

It can happen anywhere, some places its happened r, on the stairs, in a cinema, in the auditorium(i fell over a few rows of seats), at work, college, out shopping and in the middle of town, to name a few,  I have have hurt myself so many times

The doctors dont know what is wrong with me, they have been trying t find out for 2 years and are getting nowhere, although my heart does go up to 190bpm...(well 192 at its fastest)

It is hard living like this but then again, i need to just get on with him, i am 18 and try to live my life as normal as i can but i cant go out clubbing with my friends or anything.



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Please tell me what happens... my sis has this too ... she passes out every ten seconds when she stands and we now have to carry her everywhere and her freedom is limited to a wheelchair. She just got out of a week in Children's hospital Denver and did tilt table test... negative . Also gave her fludrocortisone and beta blockers gave her tremors that got all the doctors running for code blue. So they stopped it . She's now home and its hard ... I'm at school so it leaves my mom to carry her which hurts her back. She wants to be a nurse but.... when will it get better? How can she have a life? Thank You

I do the same thing. I pass out multiple times a day and every time I am on my feet my pulse shoots up. I have had my pulse as high as 200. The doctors have said that it could be POTS or an autonomic disorder though honestly they don't know what is wrong. It has gotten worse and I now have a severe weakness on my right side and memory issues as well as daily bouts of confusion. I wish you the best and if I find out anything out I will post it. Oh there is one thing they have gotten my pulse down with the use of beta blocks....propranalol.

I still faint regularly but it has become less frequent. My fainting started when I was 11 and I was collapsing 7 or 8 times a day which was very scary, not only for myself but for my parents too. After various tests and doctors appts including ECG's, EEG's, Tilt tests etc. apparently everything was 'normal' but unexplained. It's so irritating when I do everything possible to prevent it from happening; my diet is balanced, I regularly exercise and I try not to stress. All I know is that my 'condition' isn't POTS but I have had some situations where I faint but then lapse for approx 35 mins at times. Although, my general time period for fainting is approx 10 mins. Worrying but still trying to work out why. Good Luck for everyone else!

Uhm yeah they think it may be POTS now but I still do not have a definitive answer as to what is wrong. It actually took a neurologist to tell me it's may be pots. To be totally honest my doctors do nothing but argue with eachother about what to do next. So instead of dealing with me they put me on beta blockers, told me I'm stressed and discharged me. I am not stressed though cause I'm a very easy going person. <br />
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The neurologist still thinks it is pots.<br />
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In the plus side though I am now training to be a nurse and am not fainting as much, I can go weeks without fainting now but when they come back I get a lot in a short period of time

I know this is like 2 years later but I just wondered if you ever found out what the problem was? There's a syndrome called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) which may be the cause of your faints? One of the symptoms is that the heart rate increases by 30bpm when standing up from sitting down...and low blood pressure can cause you to faint loads too.

I know how you feel. Same here. I wake up knowing I will faint most days too. In summer, every day. for a few years now - doctors have no idea. I've had holter monitors/tilt table tests/EEG/MRI/bloods the lot and apparently everything is "normal". Well, I don't know about anyone else but i'm pretty darn sure that fainting up to 14 times a day is NOT NORMAL!! <br />
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I have been researching this myself for about 18 months now and think I am keen on a pacemaker. I'll try anything as for those who don't faint - one fainting episode may last only a minute but it wipes you out and makes you really tired for the rest of the day. It's life limiting and potentially scary if you flake out on the street and wake up without your wallet or worse. <br />
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Me - I get sweaty hands and feet, feel a rush of heat from my feet through my body and go deathly pale. Then swoon-a-licious I wake up on the floor/draped over a chair/table/shopping trolley with people staring at me and if in a shop, with some OHS moron insisting I fill out a mountain of paperwork. Answers would be nice. That and a body guard to hoik me over his shoulder and carry me to safely each time... lol. one has to have a sense of humour or I'd go mad with this ridiculous affliction

Can you describe what you actually feel like when you faint? This can sometimes give some pointers as to the underlying problem. Also has anybody been able to describe how you looked when you fainted (eg. facial colour; limb movements). Have you ever knocked yourself out when the fainting first started or been knocked about the same time?

yeah iv tried lots of vitamines and things and have a balenced diet., they thought it might be that i dont eat enough but i tried eating more and ti changed nothing.<br />
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i have had so many tests, i was on steriods for low blood pressure (although it was always fine when they checked it) and they made it so much worse. i have also been on beta blockers which made it worse. go for week long brian scan next month ( i have already have the one hour one which shows i have slow brain waves on the left side but they say its not enough to say its eplespy.)

Do you eat a balanced diet? I mean.. it seems like you have a serious shortage of iron and omega-3,6 and your nervous system seems to be down, try to consume more vitamin B complex<br />
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maybe get an iron supplement, or eat lots of beetroot, spinach... Eating flax seed, or sardines will help with the omega 3, and whole wheat bread will help with the Vit B.. but you do get supplements for all that... maybe consult a good pharmacy, but the fresh food thing is much better.. oh you blood pressure may be a lil too low, so uhm.. maybe you should get yourself checked for that... well if you do try a healthy diet and it doesn't work, then try to contact a holistic physician, - don't take the drugs the doctors prescribe, they often do more harm then good.