I Fainted From Sawing My Finger

  NOTE: I'm a very bad speller so sorry

Mrs. Coon was cleaning my cut out after sawing my finger with a thin metal blade. the cut was deep and i was able to see my bone. i think it was my bone? Everything started going black. i tell Mrs.Coon and she looks at me like Sh!t. Sense i don't see anything anyways i dis-side to close my eyes. When i happen to open my eyes there's the two art teachers leaning over me. Mrs.Gehl& Mr. coon. This confused me and i didn't know why i was on the floor,. why Mrs. Gehl wasn't in her class room and why They were both asking me questions about Fainting. 


They sent me to get a drink of water so i did because i was sweating a lot. Half way to the bubblier every thing started to go again. i didn't want it to but i closed my eyes anyways. i opened my eyes and there i was again on the floor both teachers leaning over me. 

"sh!t" i said a little amused. 

The nurse comes and has an trainee with her. the trainee looks like shes my age and not Shir what shes doing.  the first thing i think is lucky her maby i should faint again. Did i ever get a drink i don't remember but all i knew was if the School nurse keeps handing me water and telling me to drink it I'm gonna **** my self. 

I talk to the trainee(i forgot her name) (i never got her name) about collage for being a nurse and she tells me about all the things shes already done. liked epidermis or some sh!t. I wait for my mom for almost a hour and go home i wanna go back to school, but hen a again i don't really wanna do a mock-trial.

I stay home.  

stray4life stray4life
18-21, F
Nov 4, 2009