Okay I Admit It. . .

. . .I tell my wife I'm happy when the truth is that I'm not always.  There are moments of happiness but most of the time I'm thinking of how unhappy I am over our marriage or how angry I am over some recent squabble.  I choose not to tell her the truth because I want to keep the peace, and more importantly I do it for the children.  Does that make me dishonest?  I suppose it does but sometimes you have to tell them what they want to hear to get what you want.

think2much think2much
46-50, M
1 Response Jun 24, 2008

This is me, too! I'm usually okay at faking it, but I dunno, lately I'm having a hard time not being honest. It absolutely doesn't help anyone to be honest. I know that, but I don't know how to train myself to just not say anything.