I Must Have Faked Heaps of Thi...

I must have faked heaps of things in my over 70 years of life! One that springs to mind, and must still be a guilt, is that I faked, while still at school, the destruction of a book that I was supposed to complete an assignment in, and someone else got the blame for it - an outcome that I had not foreseen. I still feel that that played out as karma received in later life.
Waiwera Waiwera
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2 Responses Jul 5, 2007

Yes that happened while you were young. I'm sure that by this time in your life that bad Karma must have been equalized by something good you have done for someone else. It is time to forgive yourself and let it go. Move on and work on continuing to send out good Karma.

good blog ive read some of your blogs and i havent shared that i had a fedish for wet paints i thought i was the only one that had the wet pants fedish i guess you would call it, thanks for sharing your blogs your friend lunnas