I have faked ******* with everyone I have been with since my 3rd sexual partner.  I LOVE sex otherwise and I can make myself climax and I can sometimes climax during oral sex. 

I don't know what I hate more, not climaxing during sex, knowing that my honesty would result in the other person not enjoying it as much, or thinking about how it has become a reflex that distances me from someone I am being intimate with.

And I hate that I am pretty sure my best friend lies about how many ******* she has during sex.
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Dear One,<br />
To be honest with oneself and all others is the most wonderful thing, once you make up your mind to be clear of deceptions and get used to it... Despite all the uncomfortable situations it may cause, it is then on the other person's plate, not yours. I think you will feel so much lighter; and you don't have to keep up a pretence any more. Plus, your Higher Self will be so happy and will help you if you ask! I think 'sasxiv' above has given good advice.

Stop faking it. I hate it when a woman fakes it - you are lying to him. Working together to make it happen is so much fun too.....so many other ways to make it happen....