Five More Minutes

Okay so in one of my schools (Cypress) I fell asleep at the back of my class, With one of the most strictest of teachers....Though I can't remember her name we'll call her mrs. Camaron since that's the only teacher I can remember..... So anyway. Here I am at the back of the class and then this girl called Sevda; Wants to play goodie goodie and shout out that I'm sleeping. So like any teacher Mrs marches up to me and slams on the desk! I jump up and say
"that's a bit rude!"
"No sleeping in my class is rude!" She shouts, and she did have a point but that no reason for her to slam on my desk and start shouting at me so what do I do....I be myself.
"I wasn't sleeping" I said
"don't lie to me!" she bellowed
"I wasn't!"
"Then what were you doing"
"creating a better future" She gave me her WTF!!! look "Mrs. today's reality was yesterdays fantasy and dream...Just like Martin Luther king once said "I have a dream" I too have a dream and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" I forgot what else I said but I do remember that Mrs. Camaron let me off the hook... And to think I wouldn't have been able to sneak my way out of my punishment if it wasn't for Martin Luther Kings picture on the wall...... :D
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

wow!!!you are real creative!!!Good thing you are off the hook but be careful next time...She is waiting to take her her work well and be sweet to her!

Lol I know but I always find away out of getting in trouble like last time I said "did I mention I love you" Mr owuso laughed so hard and let me off the hook :D

Ho! Ho! You are more cheeky than me! lern it from anime??? I don't have the courage to do what you did!!!