I Hate Controlling Men

as long as i can remember i always wanted THE BAD BOYS an look where i ended up in life ............no where an with alot of aniexty an chronic back pain.i was young an wanted to do the opposite of what my parents wanted .........take it from me ......if your young listen to your parents there trying to help you not hurt you ......my daddy begged me not to get married to the man i married when i was 18 ....he seen something i didnt ............an he was RIGHT.the only good thing that came out of that were 2 of my 3 kids.he was very controlling  had me in the woods without a car while he went out an did what he wanted with WHO he wanted ......i got out of that one after a couple of years i was still young(my early 20s)the next man  i was with an had my 3rd child with .......ill just say the devil is a good person compared to him if i didnt listen to him i got the hell beat out of me ..i wrote another post about the way i was treated ..............id give anything today if i were interested in the nice quiet men back then ....................................i am today
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

G'day, Its hard to go back in years and hope things were better. If only I had listened! All you can do is "move on!" generally easier said than done! We all have to grow up, eventually. We all know how we would like to be treated. What we have problems with is telling people what we want. Once you have worked out what you want the next step is to work out how to get it. Then, get it! This is definately harder for some than it is for others. Get out of your current situation or become so domineering that he leaves. Join a local club that has craft groups,walking groups, hospital visiting groups or anything else that keeps you with people and helps you to meet people. You may even find, within that group someone that can help you in your situation. Go for it girl and good luck!