Fall Forever

i have a bad habit of falling for guys too quickly. although this has only happened twice, the first time ended up being a heart ache for me. today i find myself in...somewhat....of the same position but i a little different. there's a guy that i met, over the phone..i know i know, but just listen. i was talking to a guy i went to high school with, well his gf called him on his other phone and he handed the phone to will. hence, how i met him on the phone. come to find out we have so much in common. but yet enough differences to keep the mystery.

  the first conversation i ever has with him lasted 45 minutes. which, in my opinion, is pretty damn good for someone that you had no idea existed til that very moment. since then i had lost his number and found him on myspace; i sent him a message and gave him my phone #. well he called and we have been talking on the phone for about 2 weeks now, every night, for about 3-5 hours. he is stationed in north carolina, and he's in the marine core. he will be shipping out for iraq in march. although he plans on visiting me and actually meeting me in person on thanksgiving. there's been talk on his end, as well as mine about this "friendship" going to the next level. i have seen pics of him as well as he has seen mine. not that that really matters because the personality this boy has is unbelievable. i think i am actually falling for him more and more. he never ceases to amaze me with the things he says. i hope this doesn't turn out like my last......

gypsygold107 gypsygold107
18-21, F
Oct 18, 2006