Ok most of the time. I think it's because I feel safer around a man that can hold their own. Not that I can't defend myself when need be but I admit that taking on some dude in a dark alley isn't the brightest of choices. This is where my "bad" guy comes in. And as long as he treats me with the respect and love that I need he can pound on anyone else. :)
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Problem with that is the bad boys never do treat you the way you want and are always looking for the next one

Opposites attract and also we try to supplement what we have always wanted or what is missing from us with what is naturally in our partner. like if we are now with a corageous partner we are now corageous too because we are in a corageous team. its all bullshit. its self decieving you are who you are and your mate is who they are. nine out of ten time opposites attract but don't work, i have come to find out. you have to be much more similar than different for it to mesh.