ive given up ...  i meet guys who lie , or are completely controlling or just have  issues .  i know theres good guys out there ...  i just attract toxic  people ...  i dont know why ...  but oh well .. im to busy for a relationship .. and im too tired to have a relationship .. its too much work for me ...  im better off alone .

starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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Ahhh yes the old guard is slowly dieing out and the new is just a bunch of momma's boys in touch with their feelings or who want nothing more than a breathing hole to dump in . The days of holding doors and candle lite diners made by him are almost over . Romance is almost gone and it is you women who are suffering .

I fall for the same type of guy all the time too. but to different extremes. my problem is always picking the needy guy that i don't think will leave me because he needs me too much and then he winds up sucking the life out of me. Not healthy not enjoyable just cowardly on my behalf. you have to find out what it is that you are trying to get out of these guys and realize that you can find it in yourself. You don't need someone to show you how much they are into you by being dominating and abusive and controlling. Maybe in your head the negativity is attention they are giving you whether it is good or bad. You should just realize you are beautiful and you only deserve nuturing and positivity. If you don't get all that you deserve and you start feeling anything less than royal treatment flip them the bird and walk away. don't think all men are dogs and don't accept dog treatment. We only get what we allow!