My Mistress Wants New Boots

When i first met my wife- Mistress she was wearing long black leather spike heel boots, i could not keep my eyes off her boots she said do you like my boots i said yes very much, she said thats good i wear boots most of the time. She lookd at the bulge in my jeans & said i can see you like them lets go & have some coffee, she sat opposite me at the table & was soon prodding & rubbing the bulge in my jeans with the heel of her boot, she said i bet you like my boots even more now, i had a job to catch my breath to say yes she then said if me wearing these boots gets you in that state would you like to see my thigh boots, i said yes i would she said if you are good & do what i tell you i will wear my thigh boots on our next date we will go to a night club.On our next date i went to her house i was a bit early she said come in you are early i am not ready cant you do what i tell you i said i am sorry i could not wait to see you dose that mean you wont be wearing your thigh boots she said you will see if i am wearing my thigh boots when i am ready but you must learn to do as i tell you. I could see she was taking the dominant role & would be in control of our relationship, at last she was ready she came out of her bed room wearing very long black leather spike heel thigh boots black leather hot pants & boob tube i gave her a big hug & said you look fantastic she could now rub the bulge in my pants with the top of her thigh boot,a few years down the line & she keeps a whip down the inside of her thigh boot & i am under total control.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Stiletto heeled boots are the pinnacle of sexiness, I can only dream of having a dominant wife that wears boots all the time, That is my ultimate fantasy boots every day even out with her boyfriend!

Yep I agree boots are sexy especially leather thigh boots.