In The Sea Of Your Eyes

In the immensity of your waters
I confess...
That sometimes I fear
That sometimes I step back
There is something
That attracts me in this mystery
That makes me increasingly closer
(Perceiving the full sunrise of early morning)

In the moments of transparency
I confess...
That I discover and nurture every drop of you
That lits my world with smiles of excitement
There are turbulent waters
That moves me away
That prevents me from seeing you
(Waking up my fear of diving)
In the moment of the tide
I confess...
That comes back and picks me up 
That I can’t swim against the tide
Clearly, there's no disguise ...
That in this coming and going of our waters
That I can’t resist it anymore
(Dreaming by the waves of passion)
In the immensity of crystal clear water
I confess...
That my river runs to your sea
That the touch of „rocks“ enchants me
There is a purity of truth
That renders me completely
Within the sea of ​​your eyes
(Falling in love a little bit more each day)

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3 Responses Jun 2, 2012

That is really beautiful, You are such a gifted writer.

That is truly beautiful you are awesome.

Beautiful. Utterly and truly...