...and Wouldn't Change A Thing.

I am too trusting.  I hear that from those who care about me.  From my father, from my husband.  Too quickly, I feel like I know people.  I'm too willing to help.  I was worse when I was younger.  When I first moved to the city, it was probably a year before I had any extra spending money to spend on myself, because I gave it all to every homeless person who asked me for it.  How naive I must have seemed.  Then, the subtle switch.  "I don't have any money for you, but I have some sandwiches in my car, if you're hungry."  Nobody wanted food.  How dumb I felt.  Why should I buy your booze with the money I worked for when I could use it to buy my booze?

I felt so...disillusioned.  A small part of my character changed.  I miss being so trusting.  I miss genuinely caring about everybody I encountered.  I know it's an impractical way to live, especially in THIS city.

What's wrong with loving people easily?  What's wrong with making the choice to be strong enough to endure deception and pain.  SOMEBODY has to love people.
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What a wonderful "fault" it is to be too trusting and caring. It is impractical and people will take advantage of you, but I like to think of it this way: If everybody in the world acted like this, what would the world be like? And the world would be a pretty fantastic place if everyone was as trusting and caring as you seem to be.

U snd like such a gd person.with such a gd heart.I feel the same way.U try to extend itself,help other people out who appear to be in need and you get burned and u feel foolish yet again.It is a shame there are so many horrible people out there who take goodness as a sign of weakness and try to take advantage.It gets so that u don't want to help anyone,love anyone,trust anyone.it shouldn't be like that.But it is. Just don't change how u r inside.U have a gd heart.Even though other people may not have gd hearts,know that ur doing the rt thing.

I used to be very trusting also. I rarely give money to charity or homeless people any more.<br />
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I always thank god when I meet some1 who is kind and caring though - it really means a lot to me to find people who save the human race.

Love doesn't care how much it gets hurt. That's what love is about, selflessness. It's something that more people in the world should experience, selflessness; something I try to practice.<br />
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Still, it's so easy to get wrapped up in our own problems and make ourselves miserable.

There can't be anything wrong with loving. Offering food instead of money is a most loving thing to do. Its hard though and has made me as cynical or more than the next person. But, I find I am much happier when I can let that go and accept things as they appear to be.

And this is why I hate this world. More people crushed beneath the heel of this...place. How I wish I could be more unfeeling, uncaring. I wish I could cut my heart out which is something that people do every day. Life must be so much easier...