Yes And I Hate It

I dont like to fall in love easily. It just happens and lets me feeling bad. Either because the love is not corresponded, or because it's an imposible love, the thing is that I am a dreamer.
So that is it.
I used to think it would have been better to have a short life, filled with love and passion, than a long normal life. When I sort of thought I made my dream come true, it became a nightmare.
And certainly I think that people would comment saying that good luck and find that person... or search that person... who knows.

It also makes me thing... that what we want sometimes is not what is the best for us.
Calipri Calipri 22-25, F 2 Responses Jun 7, 2012

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Are you talking about your real life finance, Calipri? You're no different than anyone else....we all look for love wherever we can find it. You have found the computer....don't love people on it. Talk but don't's very one dimensional....not true. Love your finance if if you must leave EP forever to find happiness than do that. Don't get caught up in cyberspace love. You're too good for that.

Well .......we all have different experiences ..........some are bitter ...some sweet.........and I feel its quite natural for you to feel that way ba<x>sed on your past experience.<br />
hmm........what more do I're a wonderful person and I'm 100% sure you WILL get what you truly desire from your heart................!:)

grrrr hhahah that is almost like saying good luck and find that person!!! grrrr heheheheh

hmm.........girl I meantthis is life and it only goes forward!

I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.
hmm.........I'm not saying good luck .I BELIEVE so !It means certainty. ! ;)