Oh I Cant Stand It !!!

Its sooo annoying .. I mean i wish i could just stop!!!! So many times its happened over and over again ... how do you stop yourself though .. Im just a hopeless romantic .. thats all my problem is .. and i over analyze things.. which is my other downfall ..  im just gonna quit ... I have to .. im better off by myself anyways .. I m teaching myself to  have no expectations that way i dont get hurt ..  Its the safest thing for me .. that and not talking to guys ...  I dont need it ..
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To know you are expecting too much and actually letting go of these expectations are two different things.<br />
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I learned to let go of expectations after meeting someone who thought just like me (and you). We both had this over romantic view of love and dragged each other in too deep. It became incredibly absurd and in the end we hurt each other very much by the things we promised each other and couldn't actually do. <br />
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So, I guess one way to learn to let go of this is to just go all the way and find out yourself, instead of seeing it up ahead and worrying about it.<br />
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I still fall in love easily, but because of what happened to me then, I am able to just let it go quite easily again.

exactly rain

I've been in the same exact boat before. Expectations are a big key. I told myself to stop looking for love a while back and have been single for 2 year. Not so much as even 1 date...<br />
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Sometimes I wonder if it is the right decision, but love creates too much drama. Better to just seek out plutonic relationships and allow time to take it's course.

it's frustrating.. to keep making these choices.. i made them one too many times already. i know exactly what you mean about overanalyzing things too.. but i think that really does come from ambiguous feelings. what i'm trying to do now is come up with a confident self-concept, and hopefully somewhere along the way i'll develop an idea of what i am looking for in a lover. i think it's honestly already starting to work itself out. there's no shame in easily finding the things to love about people, why would there be? it's an advantage to some extent. but someday, if we hold our own, we'll be rewarded with the person we really want to share our lives with.<br />
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*hug* keep holding on, you'll make it - i promise.