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I never thought it to be that much of a deal cause usually it doesn't bother me for a long time. I fall in love with the busdriver, the waiter at the pub, the goalie of the local football club, the man who sits next to me on a bench, a Norwegian boy I meet at a concert, my teacher... just about everyone and it makes me happy for the time I see them. But my girlfriend's not so amused...  Guess I can see why ... but it's just a part of enjoying my life I think... I need it to stay afloat. Love is what keeps me walking.
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just try to keep focus your mind ..be strong emotionally `..and don"t tell that you fell in love
that all are attraction ...go and find a sincere guy who can bind you with him always ...and try to control yourself

Hi <br />
I don't fall in love with everyone i meet but i have something in sided me that wants to get to know the in's and out's of people , were there from , how they grew out , what typed of life they have had and what are they interested in and were there going in life , what do they want from life , that's if they are genuine people and i can normally tell if some one is genuine with in the first few minutes <br />
of talking to them <br />
<br />
i just love to explore people no matter what they are into <br />
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I feel it is bad because you wouldn't be able to commit to a long term relationship.Drifting from guy to guy is what I think you;d do.

I think it's wonderful to fall in love with so many people. It means you're open and accepting and see the good in people. I fall in love with everyone too. I have two daughters and they ask me why their father and I got married, and I told them, "because I liked him, cause I fall in love with everyone, but really liking someone means a lot more."

I love you. It hard not to love somebody that loves everybody.<br />
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This website is cool because it helps, us see into each other in a way that we do not allow in the open.