Lawn Guy **** Over

Sara knocked on my front door very unusual she was dressed to the nines! She had a short black leather skirt black hose and **** me sandals Sally was right behind her as they came in. Sally says I have some new pantyhose and pulled up her skirt the were shear to the waist no seam or gusset. Her shaved ***** glistened, she said I see your lawn needs mowed too. We have a guy ******* over you want him to *** here too? I sat on the floor the girls on the couch with their skirts up Sara had stockings on so her bare ***** was shaved and inviting Sally as I said had the most beautiful tan PH on. I immediately alternated between their legs they both had a high heel on my naked ****. Sally came and flooded my face she was a squirted so the pantyhose stopped it from flying across the room. I was servicing Sara when their yard guy arrived Sally hurried to the door Sara grabbed my head and pulled me to her ***** she said I'm not finished yet just then she drowned me with her offering pushed me down stabbed my **** with her heel and said stay naked sissy we will be back. I looked out of my blinds and saw the lawn guy he was dreamy 6'4" or so built I shuddered thinking about his ****. He mowed their lawn and then there was quiet for a while.
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wow if it only happen to me