Im A Girl That Got A Swirlie

So it all started in 3rd grade when I was walking down the halls after school because I forgot my books since I'm the school nerd and i am a girl . some big 5th graders r hanging out side the bathrooms that's went they noticed me.the leader which was a girl and by the way they were all girls do the leader said" look true little nerd forgot her books to study with, u know what that means right girls?" And they all answers yes. So after I herd that I ran. But they were faster and they pulled me into the bathroom. I wet my pants and they laughed like crazy. So what they did was pants me and then they gave me a swirlie!!!!! And when I came back up they had gotten a hold of my tighty wHiteys and pulled really hard!!! And man did it hurt. So then they hinge me on the hook in the stall locked the stall and crawled
Under it and left. And the bad part was I never got my books for homework and they kept on doing this after school every day for the rest of the year and I couldn't tell anybody or else they would do it even more
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that sucks does it still happen to it like are u a nerd becasue i am im really 15